Coffee Confidential #1

Starbucks is Church
 and we are all the congregation

image; stylist.co.uk

Coffee is more than just a drink. Coffee is a lifestyle... well, sort of...


Oh Oxford What Have Ye Done

Oxford, 2009

How Jerry Are You?

Considering the amount of products most girls buy, most of us aren't that adventurous. Just think, all that highlighting, luminizing, oil-free, colour correcting stuff and the Chubby Sticks (please santa, I've been a good good girl), colourfull palettes and the lastest craze in lip colour- what is it all for?


Baby Its Cold Outside

I'm in denial. Winter Denial. Its not here, if I don't believe it is. Its not cold, if I don't believe it is. 
So I don't need a coat. Do I?
Unlike the summer, I have actively gone out and brought not one dress but four in recent weeks. And I plan to wear them- even if they're as thin as paper. It isn't fair. Summer was a typical British Summer. Shit! And I didn't get a chance to fully enjoy it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hate coats. I just hate the collection of coats I have. So I know that I need more coats- especially this fc one. But I don't want to admit that the chill of winter has begun or that I can no longer fool myself that I'm not shaking, I'm moving to the rhythm of the invisible beat...
Coz there ain't one. Although, I'm still not at that stage of wearing tank tops and shorts whilst the weather guy reports a storm. And nor will I ever be.

But am I really so bad?


Because All I Owe Is To Pasta

...Well, nearly everything.


God Damn It!!! I'm Gonna Be a Lady

Self Service Magazine

Today, I went shopping with my mother for a lady-like/casual-sexy/I look this good every day kinda dress. And surprisingly enough, I wasn't freaking out at the sight of my own body in a dress or that I looked rather like a lady.
Now, the lovely lady in the shop (Yeah, I'm British so using the word store seems like treason) confirmed my suspiciousion that I did lookgood...in the dress.
Despite years of wearing baggy tees and unflattering jeans; only now that I'm legally an adult, being Lady Like doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing my mama's clothes.

The term Lady Like, always envokes images of beautiful flowers, full skirts, full silky groomed hair and HEELS!!! Plus women that can afford Louis Vuitton from head to toe (philantropists). So that should mean that I'm not allowed into that club. Girls who idolise Keith Richard's chest-baring style, modern-day dandies and beat-up cubin heels, don't usually wanna be the one wearing a headband!?!

However, can't a doc martin loving, outspoken gal like a dress that fits and looks sooo darn pretty?
Well, I can.


Le Smoking

Now, I must confess that I'm not a smoker. I never have smoked (unless you consider the drag, I had when I was 14...I think) but sometimes I wonder... No! I know its wrong but there is something chic about it and I know that is such a stupid thing to say. I really do!
But what you must know, is that most if not all of my family-smoke. However, I have never been encouraged to smoke as I would be murdered if mama caught me smoking (by a tight grip on my throat, probably) and none of my close friends smoke.
Although sometimes when flicking through a magazine and I see an image of a cute young thang puffing away or when Winona Ryder in Girl, Interupted divulges that she smokes french cigerattes, I do wonder...

However, when I think about it, I know that I would never go into a shop and waste up to a fiver on cigerettes. I don't like the smell, I don't like the taste, french cigerettes are too hard to find in Birmingham plus there is always that thing called health and some people do value it.