God Damn It!!! I'm Gonna Be a Lady

Self Service Magazine

Today, I went shopping with my mother for a lady-like/casual-sexy/I look this good every day kinda dress. And surprisingly enough, I wasn't freaking out at the sight of my own body in a dress or that I looked rather like a lady.
Now, the lovely lady in the shop (Yeah, I'm British so using the word store seems like treason) confirmed my suspiciousion that I did lookgood...in the dress.
Despite years of wearing baggy tees and unflattering jeans; only now that I'm legally an adult, being Lady Like doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing my mama's clothes.

The term Lady Like, always envokes images of beautiful flowers, full skirts, full silky groomed hair and HEELS!!! Plus women that can afford Louis Vuitton from head to toe (philantropists). So that should mean that I'm not allowed into that club. Girls who idolise Keith Richard's chest-baring style, modern-day dandies and beat-up cubin heels, don't usually wanna be the one wearing a headband!?!

However, can't a doc martin loving, outspoken gal like a dress that fits and looks sooo darn pretty?
Well, I can.

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