Baby Its Cold Outside

I'm in denial. Winter Denial. Its not here, if I don't believe it is. Its not cold, if I don't believe it is. 
So I don't need a coat. Do I?
Unlike the summer, I have actively gone out and brought not one dress but four in recent weeks. And I plan to wear them- even if they're as thin as paper. It isn't fair. Summer was a typical British Summer. Shit! And I didn't get a chance to fully enjoy it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hate coats. I just hate the collection of coats I have. So I know that I need more coats- especially this fc one. But I don't want to admit that the chill of winter has begun or that I can no longer fool myself that I'm not shaking, I'm moving to the rhythm of the invisible beat...
Coz there ain't one. Although, I'm still not at that stage of wearing tank tops and shorts whilst the weather guy reports a storm. And nor will I ever be.

But am I really so bad?

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