Coffee Confidential #1

Starbucks is Church
 and we are all the congregation

image; stylist.co.uk

Coffee is more than just a drink. Coffee is a lifestyle... well, sort of...
As an young teenager yearning for adulthood, I drank my first cup of coffee in the safety of my home. Hahaha!!! Dosing it with sugar, beause darling gals like me need a lil' more sugar, I took a sip into sophitication.... and suddenly I understood how caffeine was a drug.

And honestly, it was neither bad or good. It was different. It was new.

My mature/naive brain at the time was allured to the dark stuff by the skinny fashionista's trotting in and out of Starbucks with Venti sized cups. These girl's seemed exotic as they drank their daily calories from a large goblet. (Well, I was young and I did mention being naive.) My sister teased me endless on how only business men and women drank coffee; therefore my young self wasn't allowed. But I persisted and ensured her that drinking coffee was the first step to being as well as meaning business.

So after a few more sips, I felt more awake, more alert and more adult. Genius! But like all drugs the first high is the best high (information gained from expert sources- Jeremy Kyle.) Only I wasn't to know that.
However, by the time I realised this, I was already hooked in. Those Vanilla Lattes are sinfully delicious. It was now my lifestyle. And let me tell ya, it was taking a hell of a lot of calories from my daily intake.
Can I get a hell yeah!

Coffee is a religion that struck me one morning as I experienced the divine! Too far, yeah. But we're all gulity the minute your eager feet walk you into that coffee shop for the first time and seeing the heavenly board called menu with its array in which HE has given us. Those big cups are what this woman/girl wanted.

And even though, I know that its not just business men and women that drink coffee, I am still allured by that new flavour or that new cute guy behind the counter. Not only that I do hold that cup with glee, I also allow the logo a little day light.
Because the last I heard, attending church is always good, even if the priest is a major corporation.

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